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...dupa cum scrie Ernest pe blog, au fost alegeri pentru forul mondial de conducere al SCA si...

"Christina Meinl of Julius Meinl will become President"

#Lelit Bianca V3 #EK43S + SSP & Titus carrier #Honne Slim ~ Vacanta: #Kinu + #Kompresso
Past: #Expobar Brewtus IV #K30 
Nu cred - a fost si pana acuma in consiliul director SCA (vp parca)
V60, Chemex, Ascaso I1-steel, Porlex mini, M47, Eureka Olympus 75E, Niche O...
Sper ca este de bine daca se implica mai mult in specialty numele grele din lumea cafelei.
Christina Meinl pare o persoana deschisa la nou, este Head of Innovations and Digital Marketing in grupul Julius Meinl Coffee.
Un extras dintr-un interviu cu o mentiune despre Romania https://www.comunicaffe.com/christina-meinl/

What is the coffee type that has more success in Italy and what abroad, instead?“ Everywhere in the world there’s different flavours to different places. That’s the real fun and challenge. For example, the Italian taste is a full flavour, a darker roast. The cream, is what is highly successfull in Italy.
And the more North you go the more it becomes lighter roast and filter. But there are also interesting countries like Romania that love light roast. And also Czech Republic and Australia.
Italy now is changing. The specialty coffee and the different types of coffee are changing the Italian taste too. And that’s nice with coffee, because is a natural product. You can play with it and that’s what personally fascinates me so much. I have tasted coffees that were so light that they were like tea. And really dark from the same bean.
I also trained with a professional and he prepared the same bean in 5 different ways. It was fantastic. Italy is evolving too in this direction.”

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