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Trading Kinu M47 Phoenix for Comandante C40 MK3 nitro blade

I'm trading Kinu M47 Phoenix in an excellent condition, with the original box and warranty. Was bought with the group order in the middle of June.
In return, I want a Comandante C40 MK3 nitro blade. Depending on the state of the Comandante, I can add some cash with my Kinu.
I'm changing to Comandante because I'm selling my espresso setup and i prefer the taste from Comandante for Brew only.[Image: rlWv2z3.jpg][Image: CDXL3PI.jpg]
Kinu m47 Phoenix | V60 | French PressĀ  | Hario Mizudashi 1000ml | Aeropress | Fellow Prismo | Amir 3000g, 0.1gĀ 

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