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Aciditate cafea


Am dat peste articolul asta si undeva spre final avem urmatorul capitol:
Quote:The Effects of Brew Temperature and Extraction on AcidityDespite a lot of common myths about extraction ratios, brewing temperatures, and brewing methods, we found acidity concentrations to remain very consistent in the tests we performed for this article.Tests were done using a French Press, a Vietnamese drip brewer, a standard drip brewer, an espresso machine at highest temperature and pressure, and cold brew performed at several variations in concentration from 1:3 coffee to water to 1:4 coffee to water. Brew temperatures ranged from 70° (for the “cold brew”) to 205°F for the espresso. The variance in all cases was under .2 on the meter for all tests. We found the commonly held belief that cold brew is less acidic to be largely inaccurate… although there was a .1 – .2 drop in acidity for the cold brew, we can’t really call that significant.Our conclusion: The main variable for acidity is the coffee variety itself and the roast level. Roast level could change the acidity by 3000%, whereas other variables were under 20%.

Concluzia mi se pare interesanta. Ce parere aveti de diferenta de doar 20% in aciditate pentru ceilalti parametri fata de origine si nivel prajire?
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Eu beau
espresso. Nici mie nu mi s.a parut vreo mare diferenta in gust la 3-4 grade diferenta

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