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#1 Articol ilcaffeespressoitaliano.com - filtre metalice vs filtre de hartie

Am primit o propunere din partea unor colegi de pasiune, din Italia, sa le publicam articolele scrise de ei, in urma unor teste pe care le fac acolo. Sunt in engleza, nu am timpul necesar sa le traduc, dar sper sa le gasiti interesante, fara a avea pretentia unor scrieri stiintifice. Am pastrat si link-urile, asa cum m-au rugat. Pe lista ar mai fi si alt subiecte:
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Astazi  - "Aeropress, filtre metalice sau de hartie, experimentul nostru..."

If we think of coffee extraction with metal filter, they should allow more solids parts to pass trough, but this corresponds to a more interesting taste?

During one of our last Coffee Jam Session, afternoon/evenings wich we organize in our coffee school every month where we used to play a lot with coffee, and experiment and try “on the field” what we are teaching to baristas. In our brewing courses, for example, we always used Aeropress with paper filters, but these are always the best for a cup of coffee, especially now that the technology (Italian IMS filters) provides us metal Aeropress filters that can be used an infinite numbers of time?

We had to test it and in the las jam session we tried do use the same coffe, the same extraction parameters but different filters: Paper and Superfine Metal Filter by IMS .

This metal filters, with a diameter of 6,2cm has 39.780 micro holes of 0,15mm!
I said that we used for the test the same coffee, but what coffee we used? It was a  Fully Washed Arabica (70% Caturra, 30% catimor) grown in the ecological, agricultural and touristic finca ‘La Hermanadad’ (the Brotherhood), located in the Nicaraguan Matagalpa district medium/light roast Mokaflor Coffee Roaster

The parameters that we used were:
• 15 grams of coffee
• 190 grams of water at 92 °
• A pre-infusion of 30 seconds with 30 grams of water.
• After the addition of another 160 grams of water we wait 60 seconds before creating a Turbulence.
• Press down in 20 seconds.

The extraction, in both cases, was obtained with the inverted method, to avoid percolation during infusion time.
Let's get to the results. As a general idea, a metal filter should allow more substances including oils contained in coffee, making it more round and bodied.

In practice, and in a 6-taster panel, three of which are already accustomed to  filter extractions and three others for whom this type of extraction was a brand new experience, the feelings that have emerged are:
1) Paper Filter: very low bitterness, medium body, clean cup, higher acidity and light aromatic fruity notes, not so far from a V60 coffee.
2) Metal filter more intense and fruity, lower acidity, more flavors, more rounded body, sweeter with fruitness and chocolate notes, remind a Moka Pot coffee with less bitterness. This was the most appreciated by our tasters.
Expobar Brewtus IV, Mahlkonig Vario K30, rasnita manuala Kinu M47, VST 18g, Tamper Concept Art dinamometric, Tidaka Tamper Cube 
Poate e bine de stiut si punctul de vedere al fabricantului:

"...We do not manufacture or sell filters for use in the AeroPress made of other materials such as metal.
We were originally planning to include a metal filter with each AeroPress but when we conducted blind taste tests comparing paper filtered AeroPress brewed coffee with metal filtered AeroPress brewed coffee, the paper filtered coffee always won.
We also learned using a paper filter is healthier because it removes diterpenes from coffee and diterpenes are potent agents that raise your bad cholesterol.
AeroPress paper filters are 100% compostable along with the coffee grounds and they retail for slightly more than a penny a piece so they are gentle on the environment and your wallet.

There are many companies, both domestic and foreign, that manufacture filters designed for use in the AeroPress coffee maker made of other materials, particularly metal.
We do not object to these other companies selling their filters but none of them can legally use our AeroPress trademark.
It is important to note that the AeroPress limited one year warranty does not cover operation with a filter made by another company or damage to the AeroPress caused by use of such a filter."

Pentru aeropress, eu folosesc KoHi Filter, luat de la Wanderlust. Cand mi-a sosit, am pregatit 2 aeropress-uri, incercand sa procedez cat de asemanator am putut, apoi am amestecat cestile pentru a nu fi influentati subiectiv.

Impreuna cu sotia mea am testat prima oara olfactiv, apoi la gust si in ambele cazuri am ales amandoi filtrul KoHi. Am apreciat ca a evidentiat mai mult notele florale/ fructate si de atunci il folosesc in locul filtrelor de hartie.
La Marzocco GS/3 AV, Mahlkonig K30 Vario, Kinu M47
Kohi asta vad ca e tesatura metalica... cum este marginea finisata ca sa nu se destrame ?

Am luat si eu unul ieftin china din uk, tabla inox subtire cam la lama de ras, perforata in jde mii de locuri, dar nu fac astfel de comparatii, folosesc si metal si hartie dupa inspiratie.
Cu o singura exceptie, cand fac "espresso" pun intai sandwich metal-hartie, altfel doar hartia singura s-ar sparge la presiunea care o aplic, iar metalul singur ar lasa sa treaca prea multa pudra. De fapt mai mult de asta am luat filtrul de metal, sa asigure suportul hartiei cand scot ceva apropiat de espresso.

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